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  1. Hey, Many of you probably remember me, that one annoying kid who some how or the other managed to get his way into the syndicates. To be completely honest I don't know either and even though I was given this opportunity I thew it down the bin. I know what happened before may have hurt the community hugely. I had no intent on hurting anyone. I'm just here to say sorry, I am not here to ruin anything or any person. I want to give a sincere apology to @*Bugzy* ⚡for him trusting me to represent him and me just ruining it. I want to say sorry to @Leebo as well for all the times I annoyed him and probably most importantly Neil who I do not think is here anymore (Not sure). The bus that was made was completely out of my control and questioned Neil in many aspects in which it should have. I'll probably disappear now so you guys can get back to your important business. Hope you guys are doing well and hope RP is going well.
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