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Quwaii - Ban Appeal

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  • Steam Name
  • Banned By
    Danny T/ Ben
  • How Long Is Your Ban
  • Why do you think you are eligible for an unban
    I think i'm eligible for a unban as it was pretty stupid and unnecessary i understand what i did was wrong yes but however it was a genuine mistake what i said is what we all say [ i can name multiple people who have said it] and many staff have told me i will probably be unbanned as Ben who also banned me wasn't on good terms with me as i kicked him for breaking genuine rules. I was moderator and had no previous warnings kicks or bans for this sort of behavior and i didn't realize by me kicking paco everyone else could see it as if i knew that i wouldn't of said it Ben said that i was community banned because i apparently community banned robbie? who ik is community banned now but i've never banned anyone for that. I'm sorry for what i've done i didn't mean for anyone too take offence or anything and i genuinley didn't know that it publicised to everyone even ask Harley,Jake,Paco they heard me go oh shit as soon as i knew it went to everyone i feel like it was very unfair the fact i was banned but others haven't been but thank you for your time i really hope you take this into consideration and if you dont unban me thank you for atleast letting me post this ban appeal
  • What is the reason stated for your ban
    I'm not actually banned on the game for some reason? i haven't logged in therefor i have attached a random image as a that field is required
  • Please upload a screenshot of the ban message you get when trying to log into server

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