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Welcome To State Life Roleplay

We Are Recruiting Police,EMS and Mechanics
  • We Are Recruiting Police, EMS and Mechanics Also Staff Members
  • Discord Link: https://discord.io/STATE-LIFE-RP
  • Teamspeak Link: STATELIFE
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Sunny - Staff Application



Staff Applications Are Closed

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  • Steam Name:
  • Age:
  • Why Do You Wish To Join The Staff Team (100 Words Min):
    I wish to join the staff team to help top rule breakers from getting away with things they shouldn't because with them on the game it ruins the whole experience for everyone else. I enjoy being Staff as I have been staff on a wide range if different roleplay games and communities. Also, I like the staff team here they are very nice and helpful, so I want to be part of that Family. I enjoy helping people with issues and helping them get a better understanding of things so they can learn new things to hopefully go on to teach other people those things.
  • Why Should We Choose You Over Other Applicants (100 Words Min):
    I think you should pick my over other applicates because I’m easy to talk to, nice, friendly but also know what I am doing. I have a wide range of experience going from games such as ARMA III to GMOD and much more! I have built a good reputation in those servers for my admin work and I have developed a lot of knowledge on how to give a better service/ solve issues to a better standard to deliver the reasonable punishment that should be issued. I am very good at talking to people to help calm down a situation if someone was frustrated about something, I can be there to sit them down and make sure they don’t take their anger out on other players.
  • Name Your Biggest Strength And Your Biggest Weakness (50 Words Min):
    My biggest strength Is my communication skills because I am easy to have a conversation with and can calm down situations to make them less heated and more manageable. My biggest weakness is that my dyslexic so yes I can get fine most of the time but sometimes I can read things wrong but overall I can read fine.
  • When Did You Join LBRP?
    Ages ago when it was North West RP.
  • What Do You Think About The Current Staff Team Here:
    They are good at dealing with situations and easy to talk to and friendly but there isn’t enough of them to deal with all cases, so some get "swept under the carpet."
  • What Could The Current Staff Team Improve On:
    Look at both sides of the story and think neutrally because i have had some incidents with the staff know who the person is so they take their side.
  • Roughly How Many Hours Per Week Can You Commit To Staff Work:
  • Is There Any Staff Members That Would Recommend You:
    Alpha12, Ben Ramsey, Jake Baldwin, Dan, Harley
  • Is There Anything Else You Would Like To Add:
    Nope, There Isn't.

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