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Welcome To State Life Roleplay

We Are Recruiting Police,EMS and Mechanics
  • We Are Recruiting Police, EMS and Mechanics Also Staff Members
  • Discord Link: https://discord.io/STATE-LIFE-RP
  • Teamspeak Link: STATELIFE
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FiveM Rules

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FiveM General Server Rules


            1. All players must have a working mic.
            2. No spamming or harassing other players in chat, phone messages or other means.
            3. Do not break character. Only do so in an admin situation. Breaking character will result in warnings and bans.
            4. Do not RDM
            5. Do not VDM
            6. You are NOT ALLOWED To Loot People if you are not involved in that RP Situation
            7. Anyone Caught Putting Stuff in there Trunk While Driving Is Classed as Fail RP And a Ban maybe issued or a Trunk Wipe Depending on the Situation.
            8. Do not steal emergency vehicles (Police Cars, Ambulances, Fire Engines and so on), unless it is linked to an RP event you have engaged in.
            9. If your in an RP Situation and you need to call an admin Wait until the RP Situation is over before Calling an Admin.
            10. Do not meta game or power game.
            11. FearPR is active on this server. You must fear your life in RP circumstances and when playing.
            12. GTA ONLINE DRIVING: You Can Go Up hills and off-road in any car / bike / ems vehicles & Police Cars. GTA ONLINE DRIVING Rule still stands for everything else.
            13. Do not combat log. If your game crashes when  you have died or been arrested, provide a crash report and continue the RP when you have returned in game. Failure to do so will result in a ban.
            14. Terrorist Role Play is not allowed.
            15. Using a Cross Hair is classed as Hacking and will Result in a 3 Day Ban
            16. New Life Rule is in place. If you die, you are a new character. You do not remember anything from the previous life.
            17. Hacking/Cheating is not permitted - this will be a Permanent ban. we do not accept hacks and cheats at all.

18. Racist Will Not Be Tollerated And Will Result in a Perm Ban.

19. If You are Whitelisted as a cop you MUST Get on as cop, if there is 4 Cops online then you can go on as your Civ Character. (There will be a Kick Involved If No 1 Listens to this) This Rule Only Applies If we have a Full Server.

20. You are not allowed to give other people your VIP Cars || If Anyone is caught these vehicles will be removed with no warning


Police Rules

                1. Traffic Stops - If you are being pulled over for a traffic stop you are not allowed to pull a gun or threaten violence, even if you have illegal goods on you cops are not allowed to search you (Without reason, traffic stop isn't one). If you have a stolen vehicle, you are allowed to make a run for it but do not pull a gun.
                2. Police will conform with the handbook set out by the chief constable.
                3. No kidnapping and looting cops for their weapons. You may kidnap a cop for RP scenarios.
                4. Do not cop bait.
                5. Police Negotiators Cannot be held as a hostage.
                6. There must be at least 4 officers on in order to take a police hostage.
                7. Police Shield To Be Used For Robberies ONLY And Pistol Is Only To Be used With It.

   8. While in a Police Chase You Cannot Delete Or Get Another Vehicle out within 10 Minutes of the RP Scenarios. -- You Can Rob Cars off the Street.

9. If You are Whitelisted as a cop you MUST Get on as cop, if there is 4 Cops online then you can go on as your Civ Character. (There will be a Kick Involved If No 1 Listens to this) This Rule Only Applies If we have a Full Server.


Initiation Rules

1. You may not ram people to stop them. You may box them in and force them out.

2. You may not turn up to someone, and jump out of the car with a gun already aimed.

3. You must be within voice hearing distance (I.E the hostagee to be able to hera you) in order to take someone hostage or mug them.


Store and Bank Robbery Rules

            1. Initiation starts as soon as the silent alarm goes off. You are expected to have a plan which includes how to escape from the premises. Expecting to "wait it out" is not a plan of escape.
            2. All parties must be inside the bank or store to be considered part of the RP scenario. You can be outside as a lookout or get away driver but cannot initiate any sort of hostile action while outside.
            3. Vehicles inside an interior while robbing a bank or store is NOT ALLOWED It is classed as Fail RP
            4. You cannot take a police negotiator hostage.
            5. If you have a hostage, you must show the police proof of life.
            6. You cannot turn up midway of the RP scenario and get involved.

Gang Rules

                      1. Only Allowed To Be Whitelisted to 1 Gang ONLY Between 3 Character Selection.


Red zone specific rules: 

  •  1.1 - All other server rules apply in the Red zones with the exception of the RDM rule. 
  •  1.2 - Hostages are not to be taken into the Red zones. 
  •  1.3 - For Red zone specific rules to apply, both shooter and victim must be inside the Red zone. 
  •  1.4 - You may not flee in to a red zone when in a police pursuit / initiation. 
  •  1.5 - Anyone who exits the red zone is initiated upon for 60 seconds after leaving the redzone.



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