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Welcome To State Life Roleplay

We Are Recruiting Police,EMS and Mechanics
  • We Are Recruiting Police, EMS and Mechanics Also Staff Members
  • Discord Link: https://discord.io/STATE-LIFE-RP
  • Teamspeak Link: STATELIFE
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DK Matt

DK Matt - Gang Application

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  • Gang Name:
    The Aztecas
  • How many members are in the gang?
  • When was your gang formed?
    29/03/2020 started the construction apps opened: 31/03/2020
  • Provide and RP background story for your gang
    The Aztecas is a Mexican origin gang that moved from mexico city because we wanted to move trade of heroine from mexico to to the USA and L.A was the perfect location for them, we found a old garage, and had rivals to fight for it, which we won and transformed into a gang safe house.. The Aztecas started to deal in the Rancho area and it was a big hit! We made millions of dollars selling to others and other gangs around city creating allies and friendships across all territories.. and even storming in and taking over land which is now made ours!
  • Leaders Steam ID
    Matt - Steam:110000116dde720 | Alpha12 - Steam:110000135aca180
  • All Gang Members Steam ID's:
    Gang applications have opened from 31/03/2020 @ 20:52pm i will fill either Dan /T if we get any new members
  • Discord ID (Name#0000)
    DK Matt#1743 | Alpha12 #2798
  • Nationality
  • When did you start playing LBRP? (estimated year and month)
  • How many hours per week are you available?
  • Are you part of any Faction or "sidejob" ?
    Blaine County Sheriff's Office
    LBRP Staff
  • Fill in if part of a Faction and mention your rank(s) and Sub-Division.
    Sheriff Of Blaine County Sheriffs office but am on most of time.. Alpha is apart of the staff team and is Trial Staff
  • What gangs have you been a part of since you arrived into the city? (Mention Whitelisted gangs first

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Guest hejmandie

Regarding their lack of members myself and T will do our best to help them get members but they wanted to find members in RP which i think is a great idea and will potentially get new players envolved. 


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